Volume 10, Issue 1

(May 2013)

Past Issues



Barker, Martin & Sue Turnbull (Joint Editors):

'Ten years old - and ready to try new things'




Bradby, Barbara:

'Our affair with Mila Kunis: A group ethnography of cinema-going and the 'male gaze'’

Haslop, Craig:

'"I certainly wouldn't want to be portrayed as a boring straight person": Torchwood, meaning-making and the performance of gender and sexual identities'



Special Section: The Fan Studies Network - new connections, new research

Bennett, Lucy & Tom Phillips:

'An introduction: The Fan Studies Network - new connections, new research'

Booth, Paul & Peter Kelly:

'The changing faces of Doctor Who fandom: New fans, new technologies, old practices?'

Busse, Kristina:

'Geek hierarchies, boundary policing, and the gendering of the good fan'

Chin, Bertha & Lori Hitchcock Morimoto:

'Towards a theory of transcultural fandom'

Ellison, Hannah:

'Submissives, Nekos and Futanaris: a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the Glee Kink Meme'

Hills, Matt:

'Fiske's 'textual productivity' and digital fandom: Web 2.0 democratization versus fan distinction?'

Lamerichs, Nicolle:

'The cultural dynamic of doujinshi and cosplay: Local anime fandom in Japan, USA and Europe'

Pett, Emma:

'"Hey! Hey! I've seen this one, I've seen this one. It's a classic!": Nostalgia, repeat viewing and cult performance in Back to the Future'

Proctor, William:

'"Holy crap, more Star Wars! More Star Wars? What if they're crap?": Disney, Lucasfilm and Star Wars online fandom in the 21st century'

Sandvoss, Cornel:

'Toward an understanding of political enthusiasm as media fandom: Blogging, fan productivity and affect in American politics'

Whiteman, Natasha, Joanne Metivier:

'From post-object to "Zombie" fandoms: The "deaths" of online fan communities and what they say about us'


FSN Forum Discussion

Bury, Rhiannon, Ruth Deller, Adam Greenwood & Bethan Jones:

'From Usenet to Tumblr: The changing role of social media'

McCulloch, Richard, Virginia Crisp, Jon Hickman & Stephanie Janes:

'Of proprietors and poachers: Fandom as negotiated brand ownership'

Freund, Katharina & Dianna Fielding:

'Research ethics in fan studies'

Jones, Bethan & Lucy Bennett:

'Blurring boundaries, crossing divides: An interview with Will Brooker'

Lozano Delmar, Javier, Victor Hernández-Santaolalla & Marina Ramos:

'Fandom generated content: An approach to the concept of 'fanadvertising''

Sturm, Damion & Andrew McKinney:

'Affective hyper-consumption and immaterial labors of love: Theorizing sport fandom in the age of new media'



Special Section: COST - audience interaction & participation

Damásio, Manuel José, Mélanie Bourdaa, Bozena I. Mierzejewska, Ana Milojević, José Manuel Noguera, Birgit Stark, Lucia Vesnić-Alujević & Igor Vobič:

'Editors' introduction: Stakeholder essays on audience interaction and participation'

Stark, Birgit & Andy Kaltenbrunner:

'There is no such thing as a 'convergence continuum' aiming towards the perfect solution'

Stark, Birgit & Ina von Holly:

'Social media is not a threat but a reward for companies!'

Haas, Josefa:

'New tools and scenes for the media play'

Nyirő, Nóra & Agnes Urban:

'Effects of audience participation in CSO communication'

Marmino, Michele, Mario Petitto & Andrea Pinchera:

'CSOs' communication strategies and audience participation'

Joye, Stijn & Philippe Henon:

'Activating the audience in times of compassion fatigue'

Vozab, Dina, Eugen Jakovčić & Saša Šegrt:

'Croatian civil society and media from the perspective of two civil society organisations'

Harrison, Teresa:

'The "audience" as participative, idea generating, decision making citizens: will they transform government?'

Dahlgren, Peter:

'From public to civic intellectuals via online cultures'

Harrington, Stephen, Tim Highfield & Axel Bruns:

'More than a backchannel: Twitter and television'

García de Torres, Elvira:

'Audience territory'

Scolari, Carlos:

'Lost in the borderlines between user-generated content and the cultural industry'

Zamora, Rocío & Wayne Wanta:

'The influence of a mediating source – my friend – is now spreading the influence to others who may not have seen the news reports'

Vobič, Igor:

'Rethinking social life of radio news: Slovenian public radio journalists' perceptions of audience interactivity'

Krstić, Aleksandra:

'When the audience changes a journalist'

Torres da Silva, Marisa:

'Professional views' on letters-to-the-editor as a means of audience participation'

Vesnić-Alujević, Lucia:

'Online strategies of members of the European parliament'

Hänska-Ahy, Maximillian, Claire Wardle & Malachy Browne:

'Social media & journalism: Reporting the world through user generated content'

Milojević, Ana, Jelena Kleut & James Ball:

'Conversational style of journalism'

Milojević, Ana & Steve Herrmannl:

'Journalism taking up a curatorial role'

Maretić, Meri & Ante Babić:

'New political communication'

Buchanan, Margot & Fiona Hyslop:

'Transforming audiences, transforming audience expectations?'

Gallego, Manuel Javier Callejo & Convadonga Fernández:

'Producing information, producing and monitoring communication'




Benwell, Bethan, James Procter and Gemma Robinson (eds.):

'Postcolonial Audiences: Readers, Viewers and Reception’ (Reviewed by Pinar Sadar)

Jacobs, Katrien:

'People's Pornography: Sex and Surveillance on the Chinese Internet’ (Reviewed by Giovanna Maina)

Lang, Anouk (ed.):

'From Codex to Hypertext: Reading at the turn of the twenty-first century’ (Reviewed by Julian McDougall)

Rudolph, Jennifer Domino:

'Embodying Latino Masculinities: Producing Masculatinidad’ (Reviewed by Victoria Kearley)


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