Volume 10, Issue 2

(November 2013)

Past Issues



Barker, Martin & Sue Turnbull (Joint Editors):

'Editorial Introduction'




Griffiths, Merris:

'Locating commercial media in children’s everyday lives: A comparative study of free-time activity preferences in the UK and USA’

Jacobs, Katrien:

'Impersonating and performing queer sexuality in the Cosplay zone’

Nimrod, Galit:

'Applying Gerontographics in the study of older Internet users’

Pitts, Stephanie E., Melissa C. Dobson, Kate Gee & Christopher P. Spencer:

'Views of an audience: Understanding the orchestral concert experience from player and listener perspectives’

Richards, Lisa:

‘“A good, kind, decent man”: Modifying masculinity in fan fiction depictions of Gene Hunt'

Vainikka, Eliisa & Juha Herkman:

'Generation of content-producers? The reading and media production practices of young adults’

Zhou, Egret Lulu:

'Displeasure, star-chasing and the transcultural networking fandom’



Special Section: Moving Targets

White, Gregor:

'Special Section Introduction’

Mehrpouya, Hadi, Deborah Maxwell & Diego Zamora:

'Reflections on co-creation: An open source approach to co-creation’

Harris, Paul & Chris Fremantle:

'Practising equality?  Issues for co-creative and participatory practices addressing social justice and equality’

Zamora, Diego, Karl Monsen & Rocio von Jungenfeld:

'Crafting public space: Findings from an interdisciplinary outdoor workshop on 3D printing’

Donald, Iain & Dayna Galloway:

'Documenting debate: Online communities and the expansive interactive documentary’

Calvi, Licia:

'A performance-based approach for interactions in public spaces’

Mavridou, Orion & Robin J.S. Sloan:

'Playing outside the box: Transformative works and computer games as participatory culture’

Prior, Suzanne, Jen Baillie, Gemma Kearney & Deborah Maxwell:

'Understanding audiences from industry sectors in knowledge exchange'

Lowthorpe, Chris, Sean Taylor & Gregor White:

'Stop just making stuff!  Listening, co-creation and sustainability in independent game development'

Franklin, Michael:

'What metrics really mean, a question of causality and construction in leveraging social media audiences into business results: Cases from the UK film industry'




Balnaves, Mark & Tom O’Regan with Ben Goldsmith:

Rating the Audience: The Business of Media (reviewed by Sarah Martindale)

Benzecry, Claudio:

The Opera Fanatic: Ethnography of an Obsession and Fuller, Danielle & DeNel Rehberg Sedo: Reading Beyond the Book: The Social Practices of Contemporary Literary Culture (reviewed by Martin Barker)

Biltereyst, Daniel, Richard Maltby & Philippe Meers (eds.):

Cinema, Audiences and Modernity: new perspectives on European cinema history (reviewed by Tonia Kazakopoulou)

Crawford, Garry, Victoria K. Gosling, & Ben Light (eds.):

Online Gaming in Context: The Social and Cultural Significance of Online Games (reviewed by Bjarke Liboriussen)

Luhtakallio, Eeva:

Practicing Democracy: Local activism and politics in France and Finland (reviewed by Ian Lamond)


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