Volume 11, Issue 2

(November 2014)



Past Issues



Barker, Martin, Sue Turnbull & Ernest Mathijs (Editors):

'Editorial Introduction Invitation (no typo!)'




Evans, Adrienne & Mafalda Stasi:

'Desperately seeking methodology: New directions in fan studies research'

Gürsimsek, Ödül & Kirsten Drotner:

Lost spoiler practices: Online interaction as social participation’

Mitra, Barbara, Mike Webb & Claire Wolfe:

‘Audience responses to the physical appearance of television newsreaders’

Skopal, Pavel:

‘Letters to the Heroes: Exhibition and reception of Hanzelka and Zikmund’s travelogues in Czechoslovakia of the 1950s’

Weir, Kenneth & Stephen Dunne:

‘The connoisseurship of the condemned: A Serbian Film, The Human Centipede 2 and the appreciation of the abhorrent’



Themed Section: Media Generations

Siibak, Andra, Nicoletta Vittadini & Galit Nimrod:

'Generations as Media Audiences: An Introduction'

Bolin, Göran:

‘Media Generations: Objective and subjective media landscapes and nostalgia among generations of media users’

Landabidea Urresti, Xabier:

‘Television as an intergenerational leisure artefact: An interdisciplinary dialogue’

Andò, Romana:

‘What does TV actually mean? New consumer experience and generations’

Napoli, Antonella:

‘Social media use and generational identity: Issues and consequences on peer-to-peer and cross-generational relationships – an empirical study’

Lepa, Steffen, Anne-Kathrin Hoklas & Stefan Weinzierl:

‘Discovering and interpreting audio media generation units: A typological-praxeological approach to the mediatization of everyday music listening’

Gazi, Angeliki, Paula Cordeiro, Guy Starkey & Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou:

‘‘Generation C’ and audio media: A cross-cultural analysis of differences in media consumption in four European countries’

Loos, Eugène & Maria Ekström:

‘Visually representing the generation of older consumers as a diverse audience: Towards a multidimensional market segmentation typology’

Gal-Ezer, Miri:

‘Forty Years: From ‘Silent Generation’ to ‘Homeland’ Awards’




Grebowicz, Margret:

Why internet porn matters. (reviewed by Daniel Cardoso)

Sundén, Jenny & Malin Sveningsson:

Gender and Sexuality in Online Game Cultures: Passionate Play. (reviewed by Anne Graefer)

Geraghty, Lincoln:

Cult Collections: Nostalgia, Fandom and Collecting Popular Culture. (reviewed by Bethan Jones)

Butsch, Richard & Sonia Livingstone (eds.):

Meanings of Audiences: Comparative Discourses. (reviewed by Julian McDougall)

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