Volume 12, Issue 2

(November 2015)



Past Issues



Barker, Martin, Ernest Mathijs & Sue Turnbull (Joint Editors):

‘Getting beyond Paul Lazarsfeld at last?’




Chalmers, Dana Lori:

‘Resisting radical ideologies, one play at a time: A mixed-methods study of audience responses to Ideologically Challenging Entertainment’

Torres da Silva, Marisa :

‘What do users have to say about online news comments? Readers’ accounts and expectations of public debate and online moderation: a case study’

Daggett, Chelsea:

‘Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold: Antiheroes for outcasts’

Dhoest, Alexander:

‘Revisiting reception research: Case study on diasporic LGBTQs’

Holmes, Su:

‘“That perfect girl is gone”: Pro-ana, anorexia and Frozen (2013) as an ‘eating disorder’ film’

King, Gretchen:

‘Hearing community radio listeners: A storytelling approach for community media audience research’

McKeown, Bruce, Dan B. Thomas & James C. Rhoads:

‘Falling hard for Breaking Bad: An investigation of audience response to a popular television series’

Price, Sarah M.:

‘Academic and commercial research: Bridging the gap’



Themed Section 1: ‘Transcultural fandom’

Chin, Bertha & Lori Hitchcock Morimoto:


Driessen, Simone:

Larger than life: exploring the transcultural fan practices of the Dutch Backstreet Boys fandom’

Devereux, Eoin & Melissa Hidalgo:

‘“You’re gonna need someone on your side”: Morrissey’s Latino/a and Chicano/a fans’

Noppe, Nele:

‘Mechanisms of control in online fanwork sales: A comparison of Kindle Worlds and Dlsite.com’

Ryan, CiarĂ¡n:

‘Music fanzine collecting as capital accumulation’

Promkhuntong, Wikanda:

‘Cinephiles, music fans and film auteur(s): Transcultural taste cultures surrounding mashups of Wong Kar-wai’s movies on YouTube’

van de Goor, Sophie Charlotte:

‘“You must be new here”: Reinforcing the good fan’




Conner, Lynne:

Audience Engagement and the Role of Arts Talk in the Digital Era (reviewed by Christian Morgner)

Gibson, Mel:

Remembered Reading: Memory, Comics and Post-War Constructions of British Girlhood (reviewed by Martin Barker)


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