Volume 15, Issue 1

(May 2018)



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Barker, Martin:

'Editorial introduction: Cambridge Analytica, 'Nudge Theory', and 'figures of the audience''



Grundström, Heidi:

'What digital revolution? Cinema-going as practice'

Staiger, Janet:

'Mailer and Maidstone:  When Cinéma Vérité fiction becomes real'

Stollfuß, Sven:

'Between television, web and social media: On social TV, About:Kate and participatory production in German Public Television'

Van Damme, Kristin & Cédric Courtois:

'At your (public) service: A cross-media news consumption study of the 50-65 age group'

Xu, Min & Stijn Reijnders:

'Getting close to the media world? On the attraction of encountering film industry professionals at Shanghai International Film Festival'


Themed Section: Toxic Fan Practices

Hills, Matt:

'An extended Foreword: From fan doxa to toxic fan practices?'

Proctor, William & Bridget Kies:

'Editors' Introduction: On toxic fan practices and the new culture wars'

Scott, Suzanne:

'Towards a theory of fan/producer trolling'

Proctor, William:

'‘I’ve seen a lot of talk about the #blackstormtrooper outrage, but not a single example of anyone complaining’: The Force Awakens, canonical fidelity and non-toxic fan practices'

Lamerichs, Nicolle, Dennis Nguyen, Mari Carmen Puerta Melguizo, Radmilla Radojevic & Anna Lange-Böhmer:

''Elite male bodies: The Circulation of alt-Right memes, and framing of politicians on social media'

Stevens, J. Richard and Rachel van der Merwe:

'The imagined communities of Toxic Puppies: Considering fan community discourse in the 2015 Hugo Awards "Puppygate" controversy'

Walton, Sarah Schaefer:

''The leaky canon: Constructing and policing heteronormativity in the Harry Potter fandom''

Jones, Bethan:

'"Stop Moaning. I Gave You My Email. Give Me A Solution": Walker Stalker Con, fantagonism and fanagement on social media'

Meimaridis, Melina & Thaiane Oliveira:

'The pleasure of spoiling: The spectrum of toxicity Behind Spoilers in Brazil'

Zolides, Andrew:

'"Smarks": Kynical engagement and coalitional fandom of Professional Wrestling'

Guerrero-Pico, Mar, María-José Establés & Rafa Ventura:

'Killing off Lexa: '"Dead Lesbian Syndrome" & intra-fandom management of toxic fan practices in an online queer community'

Cameron, Kelsey:

'Toxic regulation: From TV's Code of Practices to #BuryYourGays'

Geraghty, Lincoln:

'Hallowed place, toxic space: "Celebrating" Steve Bartman and Chicago Cubs' fan pilgrimage'



Salter, Anastasia and Bridget Blodgett:

Toxic Geek Masculinity in Media: Sexism, Trolling, and Identity Policing (reviewed by Katherine Larsen)


Round-table on Toxic Fan Practices:

Proctor, William, Bridget Kies, Bertha Chin, Katherine Larsen, Richard McCulloch, Rukmini Pande, Mel Standfill



Themed Section: Documentary audiences

Hight, Craig & Kate Nash:

'Introduction: Audience research into documentary and related media'

Harindranath, Ramaswami:

'Veridicality and the truth claims of the documentary in the post-truth era: Rethinking audiences' "horizon of expectations"'

Weidle, Franziska:

'How to reconcile that flinch: Towards a critical analysis of documentary situations in 360° and VR environments'

Kouchakji, Kristi:

'Activism in action: Screening The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence in the West'


Debates and Responses

Barker, Martin:

'The rise of the Qualiquants: On methodological advances and ontological issues in audience research' (review essay on Carolyn Michelle et al., Fans, Blockbusterisation, and the Transformation of Cinematic Desire)



Booth, Paul:
Digital Fandom 2.0. New Media Studies (reviewed by James Rendell)

Reindhard, CarrieLynn D. & Christopher Olson (eds.):
Making Sense of Cinema: Empirical Studies into Film Spectators and Spectatorship (reviewed by Jamie Terrill)

Zeller, Frauke, Cristina Ponte and Brian O'Neill (eds.):
Revitalising Audience Research: Innovations in European Audience Research (reviewed by Marcus O'Dair)


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