Volume 16, Issue 2

(November 2019)



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Statement of aims

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Middlemost, Renee & Sue Turnbull:

‘Editorial Introduction’



Cañas-Bajo, Jose, Teresa Cañas-Bajo, Eleni Berki, Juri-Petri Valtanen & Pertti Saariluoma:

'Emotional experiences of films: Are they universal or culturally mediated?'

Golub, Adam & Ashley Loup:

'Engaging fan cultures: What students learn when they study fans'

Loges, Natasha & Terry Clark:

'Thinking across disciplines: Audience responses to Clara Schumann's Dichterliebe at the Wigmore Hall'

Podara, Anna, Maria Matsiola, Theodora A. Maniou & George Kalliris:

'Transformations of television consumption practices: An analysis on documentary viewing among post-millennials'

Rendell, James:

'A picture is worth a thousand corpses: Audiences' affective engagement with In the Flesh and The Walking Dead through online image practices'

Schiavone, Rosa, Stijn Reijnders & Balázs Boross:

'Losing an imagined friend: Deriving meaning from fictional death in popular culture'




Issues and debates

Greenberg, Susan L.:

'Letter in response to Per Henningsgaard (Participations, 16.1)'



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