Volume 17, Issue 2

(November 2020)



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Barker, Martin:

‘Editorial Introduction’




Beattie, Melissa:

'"Like an American, but without a gun"?: Canadian national identity and the Kids in the Hall'

Fox, Mark:

'Drive-in theatres and audience rules of conduct, before and during the COVID-19 pandemic'

Funnell, Lisa & Tyler Johnson:

'Properties of a lady: Public perceptions of women in the James Bond franchise'

Hanchard, Matthew, Peter Merrington & Bridgette Wessels:

'Being part of an audience: Patterns of contemporary film audience experience'

Harrington, C. Lee:

'Canine possibilities: Discourses of dog fandom'



Themed Section: Fandom and Comics

Einwächter, Sophie G., Vanessa Ossa, Véronique Sina & Sven Stollfuß:

'On the intersection of fan studies and comics studies: Contextualization and introduction'

Hills, Matt:

'Transmedia trajectories and "figures of the fan audience" in Comics Studies and Fan Studies: Arrested development … or transmedial developments'

Andersen, Tem Frank & Thessa Jensen:

'Tintin and the adventure of transformative and critical fandom'

Lamerichs, Nicolle:

'Scrolling, swiping, selling: Understanding Webtoons and the data-driven participatory culture around comics'

Hart, Danielle:

'"A War for a Better Tomorrow": Ms. Marvel fanworks as protest art'

Brinker, Felix:

'Reader mobilization and the courting of fannish consumption practices in 1970s Marvel superhero comic books'

Hülsmann, Katharina:

'Navigating the spreadability of the Japanese fan comic: Protective practices in the Dōjinshi community'

Thelen, Timo:

'Transnational comic tourism and fan capital: Japanese Attack on Titan fans traveling to Germany'



Themed Section: 'Politics goes pop'

Williamson, Milly:

'Introduction: Feminism, celebrity and the question of agency in neoliberal times'

Klien-Thomas, Hanna:

'#LeaveSheAlone: Feminist hashtag activism and Carnival popular culture in the Caribbean'

Paule, Michele & Hannah Yelin:

'"There are so many things that you could change": The gendered politics of hope and aspiration in girls' mediated imaginings of leadership'

Limatius, Hanna:

'"I think she's truly beautiful": Celebrity, gender and body positivity in plus-size fashion blogs'



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