Volume 18, Issue 2

(November 2021)



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Editor's Introduction:

‘Seeking a new editor for Participations'




Brooker, Will:

'Filling in the gaps: Creative imagination and nostalgia in ZX Spectrum Gaming'

Duggan, Jennifer:

'The lamentable status of (queer) children in fandom: On being a fannish pariah'

Harriss, Chandler:

'Building a better South: Celebrities, serial fandoms and the (re)construction of Southern Identity'

Murumaa-Mengel, Maria & Liisi Maria Muuli:

'Misogynist content exposé pages on Instagram: Five types of shamings, moderators and audience members'

Owusu, Joyce Osei & Kwamena Kwansah-Aidoo:

'Gender and/in film reading: A comparative analysis of male and female readings of Ties that Bind'

Sartin, Roy Jo:

'Egyptomania as a fandom (or two): How fanon became canon in the world's oldest fandom'

Waller, Alison, Gemma Seltzer & Wallis Eates:

''Life goes through in a book': A case study of a co-creative narrative enquiry involving older adults living with early-stage dementia'

Willard, Sarah Laura Nesti & Urwa Tariq :

'Emirati women illustrators on Instagram: An exploratory study'




Themed Section 2: International Film Audiences (Part 1)

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Evans, Elizabeth:

Review of Barker, Martin, Clarissa Smith & Feona Attwood, Watching Game of Thrones: How audiences engage with dark television



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