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Particip@tions Volume 4, Issue 1 (May 2007)





Barker, Martin (Editor):
  'Editorial Opinion Piece'

Attwood, Feona:
  ''Other' or 'One of Us'?: The Porn User in Public and Academic Discourse'

Barrett, Jenny:
  ''You've Made Mistress Very, Very Angry': Displeasure and Pleasure in Media Representations of BDSM'

Dover, Caroline:
  'Everyday Talk: Investigating Media Consumption and Identity Amongst School Children'

Gray, Jonathan & Jason Mittell:
  'Speculations on Spoilers: Lost Fandom, Narrative Consumption and Rethinking Textuality'

Levine, Elana:
  'Television, Sexual Difference and Everyday Life in the 1970s: American Youth as Historical Audience'
Ruddock, Andy:
  'Get a Real Job: Authenticity on the Performance, Reception and Study of Celebrity'
Santos, Jennifer M.:
  'Data on Data: Viewer Responses to Star Trek: The Next Generation'

Dell, Chad:
  The Revenge of Hatpin Mary: Women, Professional Wrestling and Fan Culture in the 1950s. New York: Peter Lang Press (2006). ISBN 0-8204-7270-0 (pbk), pp. xii + 172

Banaji, Shakuntala:

Reading 'Bollywood': The Young Audience and Hinhi Films. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan (2006).  ISBN 0-230-00172-6 (pbk), pp. xix + 208



Dudrah, Rajinder Kumar:


Bollywood: Sociology goes to the Movies. New Delhi: Sage Publications (2006). ISBN: 0-77619-346-8, pp. 210



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