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Particip@tions Volume 5, Issue 2 (November 2008)




Barker, Martin (Editor):
  'Editorial Introduction'

Special Edition

Pagliassotti, Dru (Guest Editor - Special Edition)
  'Beyond the Book: Contemporary Cultures of Reading - Conference Papers'

Hardy, Christine:
    'Women's reading constructs and their impact on reading behaviours'

Olivier Vanhée:
    'Reading Harry Potter: A personal and collective experience'

Steiner, Ann:
    'Private Criticism in the Public Sphere: Personal writing on literature in readers' reviews on Amazon'

Pedersen, Sarah:
    'Now Read This: Male and female bloggers' recommendations for further reading'

Pagliassotti, Dru:
    'Reading Boys' Love in the West'

Huion, Patricia:
    'Six Research Reports, Five Repertoires, One Repertoire Matrix: Talking about contemporary reading group experiences'

Klinger, Barbara:
  'Say It Again, Sam: Movie Quotation, Performance and Masculinity'

Chow, Yiu Fai & Jeroen de Kloet:
  'The Production of Locality in Global Pop - A comparative study of pop fans in the Netherlands and Hong Kong'
de Bruin, Joost:
'Young Soap Opera Viewers and Performances of the Self'

Eilean Hooper-Greenhill:

Museums and Education. London: Routledge (2007)  ISBN: 0415-37946-9 (pbk) pp. 231

  Richard Sandell:
  Museums, Prejudice and the Reframing of Difference. London: Routledge (2007)  ISBN: 0415-36749-2 (pbk) pp. 226

Jonathan Gray, Cornel Sandvoss and C. Lee Harrington (Eds.):

Fandom: Identities and Communities in a Mediated World. New York and London: New York University Press (2007) ISBN: 978-0814731826 (pbk) pp. 432


Barker, Martin and Ernest Mathijs (Eds.):

Watching The Lord of The Rings: Tolkein’s World Audiences. New York/Oxford: Peter Lang (2008) ISBN 978-0-8204-6397-1 (hbk) pp. 297



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