Volume 6, Issue 2

(November 2009)

Special Edition

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Barker, Martin (Joint Editor):
'Editorial Introduction'


Special Edition

Hollinshead, Ailsa (Guest Editor - Special Edition):

'Special Issue Introduction'

Anderson, Louise:

'Postcards from the edge: the untidy realities of working with older cinema audiences, distant memories and newsreels'

McIver, Glen:

'Liverpool’s Rialto: Remembering the Romance'

Mackenzie, Kathryn et al.:

'In Search of an Audience: Lindsay Anderson’s Britannia Hospital'

Krämer, Peter:

'‘Dear Mr. Kubrick’: Audience Responses to 2001: A Space Odyssey in the Late 1960s'

Boyle, Karen:

'Attractions and distractions: Mums, babies and ‘early’ cinemagoing'

Leder, Kerstin:

'‘I just don’t think I could sit through [Jurassic Park or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre]’: Films as Cultural and Emotional Measures'

Arthurs, Jane:

'Brands, Markets and Charitable Ethics: MTV’s EXIT Campaign'



Biron, Dean:

'Betwixt and Between: Musical Taste Patterns and Audience Mobility'

Church, David:

'Of Manias, Shit, and Blood: The Reception of Salò as a ‘Sick Film’'

Evans, Elizabeth et al.:

'Boxed Out: Visually Impaired Audiences, Audio Description and the Cultural Value of the Television Image'

Griffiths, Merris:

'Small Town on the Big Screen: The Edge of Love and the Local Experience'



Austin, Thomas:

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New Directions in American Reception Study.  Oxford University Press (2008). ISBN 978-0-19-532087-9, pp. 379

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Pomerance, Murray:

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