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ISSN 1749-8716

Particip@tions Volume 1, Issue 1 (November 2003)





Barker, Martin (Editor) & Ernest Mathijs (Chair of Editorial Board)
  Introduction: Maintaining a Sense of Wonder

Blumler, Jay G., Denis McQuail & J. R. Brown:
  'The Conduct of Exploratory Research into the Social Origins of  Broadcasting Audiences'

The St Louis Court Brief:
  Debating audience 'effects' in public

Kline, Stephen:
  'Media Effects: Redux or Reductive?' - A Reply to the St Louis Court Brief

Mark Jancovich & Lucy Faire with Sarah Stubbings:


The Place of the Audience: Cultural Geographies of Film Consumption. BFI Publishing (2003). ISBN 0-85170-943-5 (hbk), 0-85170-942-7 (pbk), pp. vi + 281


Kim Schrøder, Kirsten Drotner, Stephen Kline & Catherine Murray:

  Researching Audiences. London, Arnold (2003). ISBN 0-340-76275-6 (hbk), 0-340-76274-8 (pbk), pp. vii + 422


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