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Particip@tions Volume 3, Issue 1 (May 2006)





Turnbull, Sue (Editor)

Barker, Martin:
  'Loving and Hating Straw Dogs: The Meanings of Audience Responses to a Controversial Film' Part 2 - Rethinking Straw Dogs as a Film

Dhoest, Alexander:
  'Everybody Liked It: Collective Memories of Early Flemish Television Fiction'

Horton, Donald & R. Richard Wohl:
  'Mass Communication and Para-Social Interaction: Observations on Intimacy at a Distance'

Lewcock, Dawn:
  'Converse with the Audience in the Restoration Theatre'

Hills, Matt:
  The Pleasures of Horror. London, Continuum (2005). ISBN 0-8264-5888-2 (pbk), pp. 250

Lally, Elaine:

At Home with Computers. Oxford: Berg (2002). ISBN 1-85973-561-4 (pbk), pp. 246


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